Panels on Urbanism


27 October 2017:

9:00-10:45am: Off-Map Capitalism in Urban Southeast Asia

The multiple, malleable meanings of land banking: property development and the rise of Philippine-nationality conglomerates, 2001-present
—Kenneth Cardenas, York University

Hanoi’s “Ghost” New Urban Areas: Beyond the Ecstatic Urban Property Market Scene
—Danielle Labbé, Université de Montréal; Clément Musil, Paris Belleville Architecture School; Olivier Jacques, McGill University

Spaces of Capitalism, Spaces of the State: Urban Administrative Changes under Rapid Urbanization
—Michael Leaf, University of British Columbia

Global circulations of the ‘Malaysia model’
—Sarah Moser, McGill University

Resisting revanchist transport planning: motorbike taxi mobilities in Hanoi, Vietnam.
—Sarah Turner, McGill University

11:00am – 12:45pm: Disparate Cities: Navigating Urban Exclusion in Northern Vietnam
Noelani Eidse, McGill University
Ammar Adenwala, McGill University
Isabelle Gagnon, Université du Québec à Montréal
Madeleine Hykes, McGill University

1:45-3:00pm: KEYNOTE: Silent Resistance in Malaysia: Changing Mindsets as New Urban Radical Politics
—Dr. Goh Beng Lan, National University of Singapore

Social and Environmental Safeguards in the Dawei Special Economic Zone in Myanmar
—Tammy Chou, University of Toronto

Farmlands and the environment in Lao Cai, Vietnam
—Gwenn Pulliat, University of Toronto

The Politics of Spatial Arrangement, Urbanization and Climate Change: Case study from Battambang, Cambodia
—Try Thuon, Royal University of Phnom Penh,

Drought Vulnerabilities & Water Consumption Patterns in Khon Kaen, Thailand
—Taylor Whitfield, University of Toronto

‘Seeing Red’ or Seeing REDD+? Climate Change Political Economy and the Collapse of the Indonesian REDD+ Agency
—Arjuna Dibley, Stanford University

Discussant: Carrie Mitchell

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28 October 2017:

9:00 – 10:45am: Community Vulnerabilities to Climate Change in Southeast Asia’s Secondary Cities II

11:00-12:45 pm: Urban Governance, Citizenship & Heritage in China and Vietnam

Real Urbanisation or Pseudo-urbanisation? The Case of Vietnam and Implications for ASEAN
—Nguyen Tran Lam, University of Amsterdam, Oxfam in Vietnam

From Citizen’s Initiative to Social Enterprise: The Emergence of Cooperative Management of Housing in Hanoi, Vietnam
—Valerie Fortin, Université de Montréal

Bridging Roles of Active Labor Market Programs and Vietnam Labor Market Policies
—Thien-An Vo, University of Ottawa

The Commercialization of Heritage Buildings in Harbin
—Jing Xu, York University

1:45 – 300pm: Global City, Displacement and the Urban Poor in Indonesian Cities

The Integration of Private and Public Realms in Local Community: The Production of Malled-kampung as Emerging Urban Element in Surabaya
—Raja Jusmartinah, University of Auckland

Urbanisation in the Extended of Metropolitan Region of Jakarta: Land Conversion, Migration and its Livelihood
—Miya Irawati, National University of Singapore

Thinking through the Kampung: Interrogating the Concept of ‘the Slum’ in Jakarta
—Dian Irawaty, UCLA

Politics of Public Space in Jakarta
—Kelvin Yudianto, Ohio University

3:15 – 5:00pm: Activism and Urban Democracy

Cyber-urban spaces, social media, and contemporary activism in Southeast Asia
—Merlyna Lim, Carleton University

Blogging and Remembering: Online Collective Memory of the Marcos Dictatorship
—Sharon Quinsaat, Grinnell College

Cyber-urban Activism among Minority Indians in Malaysia
—Asha Rathina Pandi, Natonal University of Singapore

Social Activism and Democratization in Urban Indonesia
—Rita Padawangi, Singapore University of Social Sciences

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